Inspiration for O. O. Octopus

btn110x160100x150oooctopusWhen my grandchildren were small, we kept them a lot in the summertime when they were out of school.  Driving in the car with three kids in the back seat punching and poking each other.  He hit me; he called me a name; he looked at me; when will we be there?  In order to keep my own sanity, I told them stories to keep them quiet.  O. O. Octopus is one of those stories.  O. O. got his name from my maternal grandfather who was Dr. Oscar Owen Sutton.  I wanted to call him Oscar but there was another book called Oscar the Octopus, so the sheriff became O. O. Octopus.  I guess some of our happiest times with the grandchildren was spent in the car sharing and telling stories.

About Pat Gaines

I am a retired county officer, working 22 years in county government. At this point in my life I work with my children and grandchildren, teach an adult Sunday school class, travel when I can, do a little writing, watch lots of movies and try to enjoy my life with my husband, family and friends.
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  1. terribranson says:

    The best children’s books do seem to evolve from tales told over and over to kids in the backseat of a car on a long journey. Great book with beautiful illustrations!


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