Journal of Amos Hannah

btn110x160journalhrdWhen I was a young girl, my aunt had this journal that was kept by my great-great-grandfather and she would let me read in it. The text was so difficult to read because the stile of writing was very different and the spelling of words in 1830. Not long before I was able to retire from my day job, I decided to try to put the journal in a book. It took me five years to read and put the text on my computer. On nearly every page of the journal Amos talked about something I did not understand. Such as: “Today I went to a poll raising” or “I have the calamorous…” or “of late there has been a great zodiacal light in the heavens.” I did a great deal of research and included with the journal text explanations of terms, places, and events. Putting the journal into a book was a labor of love for me. Read about THE JOURNAL OF AMOS HANNAH and find sales links…

About Pat Gaines

I am a retired county officer, working 22 years in county government. At this point in my life I work with my children and grandchildren, teach an adult Sunday school class, travel when I can, do a little writing, watch lots of movies and try to enjoy my life with my husband, family and friends.
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