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Welcome to my ongoing Bible Studies.  Find the latest lesson at the top and older ones linked below.  Thanks for stopping by!

The new Christians were baptized

The new Christians were baptized

The Bible study for the book of ACTS is coming soon.
Part I: Book of Acts (Chapters 1-7)
Part II: Book of Acts (Chapters 8-_)
Part II: Book of Acts (Chapters __)
Part IV: Book of Acts (Chapters __)

btn100x100luke1GOSPEL OF LUKE
The Bible study for the Gospel of Luke is split into four sections:
Part I: Gospel of Luke (Chapters 1-6)
Part II: Gospel of Luke (Chapters 7-13)
Part III: Gospel of Luke (Chapters 14-18)
Part IV: Gospel of Luke (Chapters 19-24)

btn100x100daniel7BOOK OF DANIEL
The Bible study for the Book of Daniel is split into three sections.
Part I: Book of Daniel (Chapters chapters 1-5)
Part II: Book of Daniel (Chapters 6-9)
Part III: Book of Daniel (Chapters 10-12)

btn100x100hezekiahswealthFALL OF JUDAH
Click here to find the Bible Study on the “Fall of Judah.”  Lesson #1 covers the scripture passages 2 Kings 20, 2 Kings 32:24-29, and Isaiah 38.  [Check back often for additional lessons.]

btn100x100jonah4BOOK OF JONAH
Click here to find the Bible Study for the Book of Jonah (Lessons 1-5). In Lesson-1 (Chapters 1-2), God calls Jonah to Ninevah, but Jonah runs away. In Lesson-2 (Chapter 3:1-10), Jonah heeds God’s call and goes to Ninevah. In Lesson-3 (Chapter 4:1-5), Jonah reacts to God saving the Ninevites. In Lesson-4 (Chapter 4:6-11), Jonah handles further discomforts. In Lesson-5, we explore the historical background for Jonah’s missionary journey to Ninevah. Go to the Jonah study page…


4 Responses to Bible Study

  1. Iwanna says:

    I found you. As soon as I find lesson 1 I’ll read it. It keeps jumping to lesson 2.


  2. Iwanna says:

    I found it. You did a good job.


  3. Miss Pam says:

    From this lesson it is easy for us (with hindsight) to say these people were incredibly stubborn with idol worship. The same will be said of us in years to come. Our idols are not made of gold on poles . Some are made with screen and keyboard or HD boxes with remote controls. The lesson for all is that folly comes to any whose focus is not on the One True God.


  4. Lindsay Hall says:

    Wonderful site Pat! Looking forward to digging in!


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