I love crafts and artwork of all kinds. I’ve done leather tooling for longer than I care to admit. I dabble in acrylic painting, make costume jewelry, sew, and do all kinds of home crafts. I also create unique sculptures using beads and wire. Below are some examples of my crafts. check back soon for more photos. Thanks!

Above is a wire art dragon made with plastic beads that I created in 2015 for my daughter. It measures about 4″ wide with the wings pulled up, 4″ high, and about 6″ long.

Above is a wire art horned toad created with heavy wire and genuine stone beads (mostly agate and jasper). It stands about 3″ high at the head and is about 5″ long. It looks so real from a distance, that my daughter’s cat tried the eat it when it was first put on her shelf. <smile>

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