O. O. Octopus

cvr200x300oooctopusO. O. OCTOPUS
Sheriff of Blue Ribbon Sound
Written by Pat Gaines
Illustrated by David Simon
Children’s Picture Book (Rated G)
24 pages illustrated in full color
Released in 2008 by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

The dreaded Sharky Gang kidnaps the daughter of Sheriff O. O. Octopus and demand that notorious Beanie Shark be released from the Blue Ribbon Sound jail. With all eight guns loaded and ready, the sheriff and his deputies head to the old sunken ship to save Sweet Sarah Sue.

AUTHOR NOTE: When my grandchildren were small, we kept them a lot in the¬†summertime when they were out of school. Imagine driving in the car with three kids in the back seat punching and poking each other amid: “He hit me. He called me a name. He looked at me. When will we be there?” In order to keep my sanity, I told them stories to keep them quiet. O. O. OCTOPUS is one of those stories. O. O. got his name from my maternal grandfather who was Dr. Oscar Owen Sutton. I guess some of our happiest times with the grandchildren were spent in the car sharing and telling stories.

Sweet Sarah Sue sings in the church choir

Sweet Sarah Sue sings in the church choir

Casebound Hardback (8.5 x 11 trim) 24 pages full color
[EAN 978-0-9801376-4-4 | ISBN 0-9801376-4-0]
Listed Retail: $29.99 | Average Price: $19.99

Color Paperback (8 x 10 trim) 24 pages full color
[EAN 978-0-9801376-5-1 | ISBN 0-9801376-5-9]
Listed Retail: $14.99 | Average Price: $11.99

Coloring Book Paperback [28 pages black/white]
[EAN 978-1-941278-18-5 | ISBN 1-941278-18-3]
Listed Retail: $11.99 | Average Price: $7.99

Color eBook Editions (file size varies) $5.99 List
[EAN 978-1-936381-57-9 | ISBN 1-936381-57-5]
EPUB and Kindle | Average Price: $3.99

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“Beautifully written and illustrated children’s book with a good message. This book will spark lots of imagination and interest for children; adults will enjoy it too.” ~ Sharon Cummings [FIVE STARS]

“What a delightful book for youngsters! The author’s presentation of the ‘good vs evil’ dilemma is introduced to young readers in an understandable and entertaining way. The illustrations compliment the story well and their bright colors would keep the attention of even pre-readers.” ~ Chaos Arts Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“This is an entertaining little book, which captures shades of the wild west in the deep blue sea. There is plenty of action with the capture and rescue of Sweet Sarah Sue. The moral issue is defined when wrong is punished and justice prevails. The illustrations are well done and capture the essence of the story.” ~ Iwanna Frizzell, Educator [FIVE STARS]

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